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Victorian and Edwardian

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Edwardian 1902 Silver Royal Photo Locket Charm

An Edwardian c1902 silver Coronation photo locket charm (non opening) that shows King Edward VII on one side and Queen Alexandra on the other.



Edwardian Silver & Enamel Puffed Brown Bear Charm

An Edwardian c1910 silver and enamel puffed (hollow) charm of a brown bear, just GORGEOUS.



Edwardian c1910 Silver & Enamel HMS Victory Ship Charm

An Edwardian c1910 silver and enamel disc charm with, what looks like to me, HMS Victory, SUPER enamelling and lovely condition.



Victorian Silver Engraved Love Token Coin Charm LORD'S PRAYER

A Victorian silver 1877 threepence coin that has been SUPERBLY engraved with the Lord's Prayer in the tiniest of writing and then signed by 'George Clarkson', AMAZING piece.


Victorian Carved Agate Shoe Charm

A Victorian c1895 carved agate shoe charm with brass suspension bale.


Victorian Silver Whippet Dog Fob Seal Charm

A Victorian c1890 silver whippet dog on a shield shaped fob base, very nicely modelled and an UNUSUAL piece.


Edwardian Silver & Enamel Fairy Silhouette Charm

An Edwardian c1910 European silver and enamel charm showing a silhouette of a fairy with her banjo, just GORGEOUS and in lovely condition.


Victorian Silver Puffed Aesthetic Movement Heart Charm

A Victorian c1880 puffed (hollow) silver Aesthetic Movement heart charm with flower decoration, SUPER condition.


Edwardian Brass & Enamel Souvenir Photo Book Charm YARMOUTH

An Edwardian c1905 brass and enamel souvenir photo book charm from YARMOUTH in Nova Scotia, Canada, containing 6 pictures.



Edwardian Silver & Connemara Marble Cauldron Charm HM1908

An Edwardian silver and connemara marble cauldron charm, hallmarked for 1908, with a moving handle.


1914 Silver & Enamel 'Many Happy Returns' Belt & Heart Charm

An English silver and enamel 'Many Happy Returns' charm with a garnet set heart hanging in the centre, hallmarked for 1914, in SUPERB condition.


Victorian Silver & Enamel Fleur de Lis Puffy Heart Charm

A Victorian c1900 American sterling silver puffed (hollow but substantial) heart charm with a champleve enamel fleur de lis, just SUPERB.


Victorian Silver Puffy Repousse Heart Charm

A Victorian c1900 silver puffed (hollow) heart charm with repousse decoration to both sides.



Edwardian French Silver & Enamel Weeping Angel Charm

A large French Edwardian c1910 silver and enamel charm pendant showing the Weeping Angel in Amiens Cathedral, possibly a love token sent during WWI.


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